MMIDMicro-TIS/MSE Interface Device
MMIDMobile Money Identifier (banking)
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Usually, banks provision the MMID from the core banking system itself; the IMPS module sits between the CBS and the NPCI's IMPS network.
Recent studies have indicated that MMID during pregnancy may also have significant consequences for the offspring, such as cognitive and psychomotor delays, autism, and increase the oxidative stress of pregnant women.
MMID has been shown to cause gestational hypthyroxinemia, which is characterized by normal levels of TSH, but low levels of free T4.
A remittance will not be possible without the correct combination of MPIN, MMID and the receiver's mobile number.
He will get an MMID but will not need an MPIN or the IMPS application
Shares his mobile number and MMID with the remitter
The MMID service leverages MusiKube's proprietary Media Platform and patent-pending fingerprinting technology, which converts snippets of music into a digital 'signature'.
The MMID service, to be released in beta version this November, can be accessed by any mobile phone.
While browsing in-store, consumers can use the PMG to access their personalized list of songs and albums that have been identified ("tagged") via the MMID service.
Sembcorp Utilities or Sponsor ) and MMID Utilities Pte.
The other shareholder of the Project Company is MMID, a company incorporated in Singapore and is owned by a group of investors from Myanmar.
The newly launched mobile premium payment service facilitates the policy-holders to pay the premium via mobile handsets, by means of the mobile number and MMID (mobile money identifier) of the company.