MMMCMaui Memorial Medical Center
MMMCMelaka Manipal Medical College
MMMCMaytag Messerschmitt Motorcycle Club
MMMCMiami Maintenance Management Council
MMMCModified Modular Mission Computer
MMMCMedical Materiel Management Center
MMMCMicky Maus Mini-Comic
MMMCMarine Mammal Medic Certificate
MMMCMulti-Mediales Methoden Curriculum
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The purpose of MMMC is to maximize the opportunity for multicultural businesses.
McFarlane said that MMMC also is a media-buying organization.
One project MMMC just completed was funded by a $3 million, three-year American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant in partnership with the University of Minnesota.
Both NMM and MMMC are positive about the opportunities for continued growth and involvement.
The highlight of this program was a panel session on Monday morning at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom A, "MIMIC Program Benefits to the MMMC Industry.
They offer new features such as AOCV and MMMC analysis, ensuring tight timing correlation throughout the flow.
2 performs concurrent MMMC on a single machine and can manage five times more scenarios than traditional solutions, while improving runtime by 10 times.
For example, a networking company was able to implement a 40-nm, 2-million-instance design with 10 sign-off scenarios in just 2 days with full CCS, MMMC and crosstalk analysis enabled.