MMPI-AMinnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - Adolescent (University of Minnesota)
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A factor structure for the MMPI-A, University of Virginia.
The Psychology of Gifted Adolescents as Measured by the MMPI-A, The Journal of Gifted child Quarterly, 52(4): 326-339.
It was predicted that these adolescents would fall into distinct groups based on MMPI-A scale scores.
Information from the MMPI-A is presented in Table 1.
Table 2 presents the mean MMPI-A T-scores for the three clusters.
Cluster 1 is characterized by a mildly elevated F scale and a subclinical elevation on Scale 4 of the MMPI-A.
An analysis of the three-cluster solution was conducted examining the overall MMPI-A validity and clinical scales.