MMPPMarkov-Modulated Poisson Process
MMPPMagnesium Monoperoxyphthalate
MMPPMoscow Machine-Building Production Association (Russia aero engine manufacturer)
MMPPMulti-Mode Pipe Projector
MMPPMondi Mogullu Penki Pellalu (film)
MMPPManitoba Management Plus Program (Canada)
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The MMPP stands for a doubly stochastic PP where the underlying state is governed by a homogenous Markov chain (see Last and Brandt, 1995).
The result indicates that the MMPP outperforms the EG if the intensity of hurricane events is driven by the AMO signal, whereas the EG may be superior to the MMPP if the future climate is in the process of rapid warming.
In view of such an observation, this study proposes a model whereby the intensity process of hurricane events follows the MMPP and where the climate state is governed by a homogeneous Markov chain.
In other words, a Poisson process [PHI](t) is called MMPP if the conditional distribution P([PHI] | X) is equal to the distribution of a PP with the intensity function [[lambda].
On a larger scale, the MMPP could change the way all niche programming operates.
Northern Foods believes MMPP signifies a type of pie--of premium quality and made to a broad recipe.
In our case this Poissonian traffic has a mean value equal to the mean of the MMPP normal state.
We are providing the right tools, showing how the tools and MMPP UI SDK can be used, helping to solve your issues and continually providing assistance.
MMPP is part of Global Advertising Strategies' Multicultural 2.
With tools like MMPP, expertise and hands on broadcast experience in almost 30 ethnic U.
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This includes discussion of retrial queues, real time queues and discrete time queues, systems with MMPP and MAP arrival processes, Pareto distribution and self similar traffic, BDDs and MTBDDs, matrix analytical method and multi-level method for Markov Chains.