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MMRDMismatched Related Donor
MMRDMaximum Magnitude Rate of Decline (astrophysics)
MMRDMultipurpose Miniaturized Radiac Device
MMRDMines and Minerals Regulation and Development (India)
MMRDMinnesota Men's Roller Derby
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For MMRD, the partnership provides an opportunity to enhance its services and offer wider international exposure to its clients, said Nielsen MMRD senior advisor U Moe Kyaw.
vbCrLFThe rigid enforcement of provisions for preparation of a mine plan under the MMRD Act and Mineral Concession Rules 1960, now ensures submission of a well thought out Mine Plan in accordance with the above objectives to the MOC, and its approval much before commencement of actual mining has brought some element of technical sanity into the matter.
A statement from the MMRD said: 'The motive behind this incident remains unknown at this time and the result of the ongoing investigations will be announced as soon as it is known.