MMRIMississippi Mineral Resources Institute (University of Mississippi)
MMRIMaryland Medical Research Institute
MMRIMcMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
MMRIMolecular Medicine Research Institute (Sunnyvale, CA)
MMRIMacha Malaria Research Institute (Zambia)
MMRIMulti-Mode Radar Input
MMRIMandatory Mission Rule Item
MMRIMolecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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He brings a superb collection of skills to MMRI and I am confident he will improve our efficiency and customer experience as we work toward building a comprehensive suite of solutions to serve the retirement income marketplace.
MMRI, a division of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), focuses on serving the retail retirement-accumulation and retirement-income market by delivering advisor-focused solutions for customers' accumulation and guaranteed lifetime income needs.
The MMRI focuses on cognitions and attitudes associated with individuals' attempts to integrate their status as African Americans into their self-concepts (Sellers et.
Together with the centrality dimension of African American identity, the MMRI consists of four philosophies underlying an individual's ideology.
Although the MMRI measures attitudes and values related to feelings about being African Americans, it is also associated with various race-related behaviors.
Drew Dickey, Senior Vice President for Retirement Income, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), has been appointed to lead the new MMRI group, which integrates MassMutual's Annuity and Income Management Group business units.
Reflecting the growing importance of investment behavior, risk and hedging issues within retail retirement accumulation and income products, MassMutual has established MMRI apart from its U.
Contract notice: Bop electrical maintenance, electrical, instrumentation and psis, mmris test.
6kV and 400V boiler Saint-Ouen 3 and Vitry,- Maintenance of PSIS and tests MMRIs boilers 1 and 2, electrical maintenance, instrumentation and testing MMRIs PSIS and boilers 3 and 4 and Quality Plan Saint-Ouen 1 and 2,- Maintenance of electrical equipment and instrumentation handling fuel, soot, lime and slag and boiler Saint-Ouen 2 maintenances electrical equipment sumps, pits, ventilation and enclosures electrical outlets,- Water treatment and maintenance of sludge neutralization + Saint-Ouen 1, 2 and 3, electrical maintenance / instrumentation / PSIS and tests MMRIs of Saint-Ouen CH1 and CH5 3 Vitry and Quality Plan Saint-Ouen 3.