MMRSMetropolitan Medical Response System (formerly Metropolitan Medical Strike Team, MMST)
MMRSMultispectral Medium Resolution Scanner
MMRSMember of the Market Research Society (UK)
MMRSMississippi Management and Reporting System
MMRSMontana Motorcycle Rider Safety
MMRSMinority-Majority Relations Survey
MMRSMetrics Management Review System
MMRSMulti-Purpose Multicast Routing and Scheduling
MMRSMineral and Mining Reclamation Services
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The MMRS can provide communications at a field headquarters, be configured to act as a mobile air traffic communications service, operate as a traditional radio station or be used as a communications relay.
MMRS gave $70,000, and Homeland Security gave $49,000.
Third, almost every MMRS provides a different retrieval interface.
James Gardiner, Worcester commissioner of health and human services, said the MMRS allows for the activation of the decontamination sites, and Worcester also offered resources for testing the water supply.
MMRS is not dedicated to the replication of one radar type but can support a variety of radar sets and their unique operating modes.
About Madison Marquette Retail Services MMRS provides a full range of retail real estate services for over 20 million square feet of retail and mixed-use properties throughout the United States.
Saussy has also served as director of medical evacuation planning for the City of New Orleans since 2005, and has worked on MMRS strategic planning as well as the UASI strategic plan and is currently the ESF-8 lead for the City of New Orleans in line with the National Response Plan.
The NNE MMRS regional office is based out of the New England Center for Emergency Preparedness (NECEP) at Dartmouth Medical School.
Louis MMRS, Raytheon, The Miller Group, LaserBand and Nextel Communications.
As a multi- jurisdictional system and with the added responsibility of supporting the large military presence, this MMRS has to accommodate diverse population needs and clearly believed that the TVI system maximized the hospitals' ability to protect its constituents.