MMSDMadison Metropolitan School District (Wisconsin)
MMSDMining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (International Institute for Environment and Development)
MMSDMilwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District
MMSDMinerals and Mining Statistics Division (MMS Canada)
MMSDMetric Mapping Support Data
MMSDMass Memory Storage Device
MMSDManpower & Management Services Division
MMSDMinistry of Mines and Steel Development (Nigeria)
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Although not intended to achieve a consensus on any aspect of international best practice in mining, (19) the MMSD Project did nevertheless contribute to the ongoing dialogue about defining international best practice in mining.
The MMSD project is evidence of an inclusive approach where all key stakeholders (industry, communities, governments, miners, miners' families, women, ethnic and language groups, and others) are consulted and their views are seriously considered.
In recognition of its mounting importance and in tune with a global trend towards its revaluation and valorisation, the PNG government, (2) international donors, (3) and private interests (4) launched a range of recent initiatives to promote ASM through scientific research, financial assistance, and technical support (Banks 2001; Lole 2005; MMSD 2002; Susapu and Crispin 2001).
The multi-stakeholder approach in writing the MMSD report resulted in all parties having their points of view represented.
In addition to the large savings, the contract included an agreement that no MMSD workers in the areas to be contracted would be laid off during the 10-year term of the contract.
MMSD, the largest borrower, represents about 32% of the total pledged portfolio.
Networks such as MMSD (Mining Minerals and Sustainable Development) and SDIMI (Sustainable Development Indicators for the Minerals Industry) stress the importance of working out conceptions based on local professional research.
The converged network infrastructure allows MMSD to more quickly and reliably obtain critical information.
It is anticipated that the matter probably will he turned over to the state Justice Department with a recommendation that MMSD be sued.
Sewer flows collected by the system are conveyed to the MMSD for treatment.
The groups also call for penalties that can be directed to community projects that discourage further waste dumping by MMSD.