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MMSEMini Mental State Examination
MMSEMinimum Mean Squared Error
MMSEMini-Mental Status Examination
MMSEMultiuse Mission Support Equipment
MMSEMaster of Manufacturing Systems Engineering (degree)
MMSEMultimission Support Equipment
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managers, supervisors, hired workers) or had worse cognitive function, which is likely to have affected recall (median MMSE score = 22.
The 10-mg/kg MMSE results were statistically significant, with a decline of 0.
The derived transmit patterns and MMSE filters (feedback, feed forward and scaling filters) are used in the structure.
Additionally, the MMSE is a subjective measurement of cognitive function and different methods for measuring cognitive function were not utilised.
One participant had made written notes during training; one participant had MMSE score below 28; two participants were younger than 70 years; one participant had never used a computer mouse before; one participant received extra instruction; and two participants withdrew only a few moments after beginning their participation so there were not adequate data for analysis.
For example, in our sample of Veterans, the mean MMSE score was 24, which is higher than in previous caregiver burden studies (e.
Modifications of the MMSE and ADAS-Cog scores after 12 months of follow-up were considered as cognitive outcome variables of interest.
In younger populations, MMSE scores are not as strong a predictor of recall as working memory (Friedman, Yelland, & Robinson, 2012; Palladino & De Beni, 1999).
The 125 samples were selected purposively by screening and testing with MMSE Scale (Mini-Mental State Examination) in order to quantify cognitive function cognitive loss.
The MMSE, also known as the Folstein, a standard test for cognitive dysfunction, (1) has a maximum score of 30.
In applying this rule, coders may evaluate the results of MMSE, PAS, and Cornell scales, in addition to allied health professional and doctors case notes, tests and assessments.