MMSFMega Man Star Force (video game)
MMSFMillion Square Feet (measurement)
MMSFMorgan-Monroe State Forest (Indiana)
MMSFManitoba Medical Service Foundation (est. 1971; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
MMSFMassachusetts Motorcyclists’ Survivors Fund (est. 2004; Topsfield, MA)
MMSFMolecular Mass Spectrometry Facility (University of California, San Diego)
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In 1997, the first full year for both Bruce and Peter as managers at NBC, the plant shipped 985 MMSF and had a PPM rate of 3,700.
Thus 830 MMSF equates to approximately 24 truckloads each day, and 1,070 MMSF equates to approximately 31 truckloads daily.
Decking shipments have increased by 40 MMSF in three years - the equivalent of a small PB plant - or by nearly 58 percent.
While estimating industry-wide impact of "de-bottlenecking" is almost impossible, an incremental increase of 2 percent in the capacity base of 6,000 MMSF - a very conservative estimate - would be 120 MMSF, the equivalent of one medium size plant.
In addition to these facilities, Willamette Industries is converting its 80 MMSF PB line in Eugene, Ore.
Two plants are scheduled to open in 1994 and are expected to bring another 165 MMSF of particleboard into the market.
plants, 957 MMSF from Canadian plants and 392 MMSF from Mexican plants.