MMSGMolecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group (Huntington Beach, CA)
MMSGMackenzie Mountains Supergroup
MMSGMedical Management Services Group (eye surgery)
MMSGMultiple Myeloma Support Group
MMSGMediterranean Monk Seal Group (Zagreb, Croatia)
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The final PS41,000 raised by MMSG was donated to Meningitis Research Foundation to go towards their Meningococcal Genome Library, which will help scientists develop and test vaccines for meningococcal infections.
Last year, the jury at the 5th International String Quartet Competition in Bordeaux unanimously awarded them the Premier Grand Prix and the Prix MMSG.
The Godfather: Five Families will also be the first MMSG and MMO game on the Facebook Platform based on a mafia theme with synchronous gameplay where millions of players can play and combat each other in real time.