MMSMMestni Mladinski Svet Maribor (Slovenian: Maribor Municipal Youth Council)
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Barbosa, JV, Oliveira, F, Moniz, J, Magalhaes, FD, Bastos, MMSM, "Synthesis and Characterization of Allyl Fatty Acid Derivatives as Reactive Coalescing Agents for Latexes.
CHAPTER 13 VIDEO SCS FORECAST Video Total SCS Forecast Video SCS Forecast by Media Types UTP Cabling by Major Product Segments UTP Cable Forecast by Categories Video UTP Apparatus Forecast by Product Types Video Fiber Cabling Forecast by Product Segments Video Fiber Cable Forecast by MMSM Video Fiber Apparatus Forecast Video Coax Cable Forecast Video Coax Connectors Forecast
Thirdly, we describe MMSM for modelling and data storage developed for qualitative research in community redesign and used to select normative factors important for viability.
MMSM customers can be confident that when they purchase a Misys Healthcare Systems product through the authorized reseller, the products and services are supported by a solid and recognized industry leader.
MMSM combines high caliber security and investigative field expertise with ManTech's business practices, information technology (IT) capabilities, and corporate resources to provide PSI services to its U.
of Centennial, Colorado will design and build the MMSM to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of using hard disk drives in space.
and Microsemi's patented wafer scale MMSM chip technology.
Nasdaq:MSCC) today announced that it has received 10 new design wins in the last 60 days for its patented MMSM wafer scale antenna switch technology used in 802.
Litchfield also stated that, "This product will be followed next year with white versions of the product along with our patented MMSM chip scale (chip and package combined) LEDs that promise to offer better power efficiency, lower VF, increased light output and proprietary LED glassing techniques, which will assist in eliminating UV degradation issues.
The two companies have developed an approach to build blue and ultraviolet LEDs on a silicon substrate by taking advantage of Nitronex's Sigantic (gallium nitride on silicon) process and Microsemi's patented MMSM chip scale architecture to develop a "package-less" technology that aims to significantly increase brightness, reduce VF and eliminate problematic epoxy packaging, which tends to discolor in ultraviolet exposure.
The first NanoMount series of products, called the MNM4200 Series is a self-contained surface mountable PIN diode matrix consisting of four of Microsemi's unique patented Silicon MMSM PIN devices on a ceramic substrate.