MMSNMountain Medicine Society of Nepal (Kathmandu, Nepal)
MMSNMotorsports Marketing and Sponsorship News
MMSNMarine Mammal Stranding Network (various locations)
MMSNMitsubishi Motor Sales Nederland (Netherlands)
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Crecimiento en el MMSN metodo turbidimetrico de Mc Farland (1907).
Se reactivaron las bacterias diazotroficas a partir de cultivos puros por triplicado en tubos con 10 ml de MMSN, las que fueron incubadas a 28[grados]C por 72 h.
Advanced templates will allow MMSN employees to contribute content under a particular template, so they will be able to maintain control over the look and feel of the content on the various sections of the reseller portal site.
MMSN is a daughter of Mitsubishi Motors Europe and is responsible for the import and distribution of Mitsubishi passenger cars and commercial vehicles in The Netherlands.