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MMStMaster of Museum Studies
MMStMms over Tcp
MMStMultimedia Studies (various universities)
MMStMetropolitan Medical Strike Team
MMStMini Mental Status Test
MMStMulti-Media Services Technician
MMStMicroelectronics Manufacturing Science and Technology
MMStMartin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio
MMStMarine Mammal Stranding Team (Nantucket, MA)
MMStMasters in Medical Science & Technology
MMStMillions of Short Tons (coal mining)
MMStMulti-Module System Test
MMStMississippi Men Stand Tall
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Primary outcome measures are: (1) VAS for pain, (2) MMST for lumbar ROM & (3) MODQ for functional disability.
RESULTS: Both groups showed clinically & statistically significant improvement in VAS, MMST and MODQ scores, with p value <0.
In a randomised clinical trial (RCT), studying the efficacy of corticosteroids in the prevention and treatment of leprosy neuropathy, MMST and MFT were used to screen patients for intake, and for the follow-up of patients for the duration of the trials.
Patients with impaired nerve function of less than 6 months duration, as confirmed by MMST and MFT, are enrolled in the other arm of the study: the Clinical trial.
As decisions for enrolment and follow-up in both trials are based on the results of MMST and MFT, we felt that these assessments needed to show good reliability in and between the participating study centres.
Our study confirms the findings of other studies that MMST and MFT can be reliably performed.
Differences in reliability between centres were seen, mainly for MMST, most likely as a consequence of differences in levels of experience.
The table indicates that movements are tested rather than individual muscles, which is what happens in most MMST tests.
Only 5 (20%) patients scored worse on MMST, and overall change in MMST was not statistically significant.
Comparison of Neuropsychological Test Results Initial (mean [+ or -] SD) MMST 30.
Of course, not every wafer fab needs a three-day cycle time--that was one consideration TI had to keep in mind when it set out to commercialize the MMST program's CIM accomplishments with WORKS, a CIM software product designed specifically for agile semiconductor manufacturing.