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MMTMillion Metric Tons
MMTMédecins Maîtres-Toile
MMTMobile Money Transfer (payment service offered by cellular operators)
MMTMultiple Mirror Telescope
MMTMission Management Team (International Space Station)
MMTMontmorillonite (phyllosilicate)
MMTModern Monetary Theory (economics)
MMTMulti-Material Technology (safety glass)
MMTMachine à Mesurer Tridimensionnelle (French: Coordinate Measuring Machine; engineering)
MMTMultiaccess, Mobility, and Teletraffic for Wireless Communications (Conference)
MMTMolten Metal Technology
MMTMethyl Cyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl (CAS Number 12108-13-3)
MMTMobile Medical Team
MMTMultimedia Terminal
MMTMobile Maintenance Team
MMTMilitary Training Technology (magazine; Kerrigan Media International, Inc.)
MMTMobile Measurement Technology (IBM)
MMTMaster Mathematics Teacher
MMTMulti Modal Transportation
MMTMission Mountain Railroad
MMTMode-Matching Technique
MMTMean Maintenance Time
MMTMonorail Malaysia Technology Sdn Bhd
MMTMaritime Metro Transit
MMTManufacturing Methods & Technology
MMTMake Me Taller (cosmetic leg lengthening community forum)
MMTMaterial Movement Ticket
MMTMiniaturized Munition Technology
MMTMicrocephaly, Mental Retardation, and Tracheoesophageal Fistula Syndrome
MMTMultiple Main Track (railroads)
MMTMulticast Mapping Table
MMTMorse Mission Trainer
MMTMissile Maintenance Technician
MMTManure Management Train (agriculture)
MMTMiniature Moving Target
MMTMaster Message Terminal
MMTMinimum Masking Threshold
MMTMan-Miles of Travel
MMTMoment Matching Technique
MMTMini Mobile Target
MMTMulti-media Multi-party Teleconferencing
MMTMission Maintenance Technician
MMTModular Test Toolkit
MMTMultiple Multi-Pole Technique
MMTMinimum Matching Time
MMTMixture Magnesium Trisilicate (antacid)
MMTMegasite Management Toolsuite (software)
MMTMood Management Theory (Dolf Zillman)
MMTModule Management Team (various organizations)
MMTMacchine Movimento Terra (Italian: Construction Equipment)
MMTMalignant Mesenchymal Tumor
MMTMateriel Management Team
MMTManual Muscle Test
MMTMedisch Mobiel Team (Dutch: Mobile Medical Team)
MMTMonthly Mean Temperature
MMTMeridian Medical Technologies, Inc.
MMTMeyer Memorial Trust
MMTMedial Meniscus Tear (injury)
MMTMeasurement and Management Technology (IBM)
MMTMagical Mystery Tour (Beatles album)
MMTMarine Air Traffic Control Mobile Team (USMC)
MMTMerchant Marine Technical (US Coast Guard division)
MMTMethadone Maintenance Treatment
MMTMeasurement Modeling Technology
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The second goal was to determine whether MMT increased in parallel to the MST rise observed in France over the last four decades.
The present work sets out the characterizations of TPS from sago starch plasticized with glycerol as well as plasticized starch reinforced MMT nanocomposite through x-ray diffraction, fourier infrared analysis and surface morphology.
However, these active learning sessions with MMT were not the primary focus of the study.
Goa Mineral Ore Exporters Association ( GMOEA) had registered only 30 MMT of ore till January end, while the actual exports at the ports till that time were around 34 MMT.
MMT Digital began working with the Kentico CMS in 2009 after choosing this content management system over a number of proprietary and open source solutions on the market.
MMT has been shown to be effective in the treatment of opiate substance dependence such as addiction to heroin and morphine.
8 MMT of corn for grain were harvested from 124,000 hectares and 665,000 hectares respectively.
The impact that mobile money is having on the lives of end users around the world is quite incredible" says Steven Clarke, MMT Global director.
Since the launch of the MMT programme in 2007, we've made significant progress to catalyse the mobile money market," said Bill Gajda, Chief Commercial Officer for the GSMA.
Under the terms of the agreement MMT will provide wireless broadband services to 70% of the population in an area that previously did not have any broadband options, according to the company.
Microgen Plc has reached an agreement to acquire software and services company MMT Computing Plc for approximately 17.