MMTNMurabahah Medium Term Notes
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The course will not only give people the skills they need to work in television production, but it will also give them a foot in the door as far as getting their work aired on the MMTN, Schaffer explained.
The MMTNs were issued in January 2012 to finance the implementation of its parent NERS Sdn Bhd's (NERS) National Enforcement and Registration System project (NERS project) under a 12-year Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contract awarded by the Government of Malaysia (GoM) in July 2011.
Perwaja is expected to seek an indulgence from its noteholders for a deferment on the upcoming MMTN payment.
The rating downgrade signals a high risk of imminent default on the outstanding MMTNs arising from its extremely tight liquidity position.
MARC observes that under the current maturity profile of the senior notes issued under the MMTN programme, all outstanding notes are expected to be redeemed by year 2019.
0 million Junior MMTNs respectively with immediate effect.