MMUPMississippi Missing and Unidentified Persons (website)
MMUPMutually Monogamous Uninfected Partner (lifestyle with low risk of STDs)
MMUPMinistry of Municipality & Urban Planning (Qatar)
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Experience demonstrates that the MMUP is in fact active in its attempts to adhere to the Dafna Law requirements and has recently approached the Real Estate Registration Department with at least ten acquisition requests resulting from the land owners' failure to meet the Dafna Law time frame for completing construction.
In co-operation with the Real Estate Registration Department, and in the event the MMUP's records indicate that construction for a certain project has not been completed within a five year period, the Acquisition Department at the MMUP notifies the land owner(s) of the failure to complete construction and of the MMUP's decision to acquire the land against compensation in compliance with Article 3 of the DAFNA Law.
Other topics discussed included naming the streets of Doha, with the CMC chairman noting that new districts and streets in Qatar would receive numeric designations rather than names, as per the guidelines adhered to by the MMUP.
In a statement, the MMUP said it is keen to hold awareness campaigns that help promulgate its mission and promote its diverse services among the general public, as well as provide advice and guidance to citizens and residents on various issues pertaining to the municipalities.
He said Al Meera is in "constant co-ordination" with the MMUP "in order to act upon their suggestions while considering our requests in terms of new locations" in Rawdat Al Hamam North, Al Shehaniya North, Madkhal Al Khuraib, Rawdat Rashed, Umm Al Umd, and Al Khuraitiyat, among others.
Echoing similar lines, Mark Rudman, former regional director of Faithful and Gould, highlighted the difficulty in securing appropriately qualified and experienced staff in Qatar since professional qualifications such as RICS accreditation from the likes of MMUP are not recognised by contractors as sufficient indicators of suitability.
The MMUP (Ministry of Municipality and Planning) and the Central Planning Office have obviously created a mandate where they are focused on keeping Qatar moving.
Indeed, he says steps are already being taken by major organisations like the public works authority, Ashghal, the water and electricity body, Kahram and the MMUP to form high-level delegations to sort out potential problems.
In response to an article published in the Arabic daily Arrayah on complaints from people about the "improper" distribution of malls that often leads to traffic congestion, the MMUP said all new requests to develop malls are studied in accordance with planning and organisational standards and conditions.
The Building Permits System is one of the most important projects that the MMUP has undertaken.
The plates are installed by the Centre for Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) under MMUP, which is planning to cover all the buildings in the country during the current year.
Ashghal co-ordinated with the MMUP to take necessary measures to avoid the rain water clogging in areas without infrastructure.