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MMVFMan-Made Vitreous Fiber
MMVFMulti-Media Video File
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To determine the possible association of MMVF exposure and the development of sarcoid-like granulomas, Drent et al.
1990) analyzed fiber content in the lungs from 131 deceased MMVF workers (glass wool, rock wool, and slag wool) from a large U.
However, MMVFs have been anecdotally associated with granulomatous lung disease in several case reports.
DISCUSSION: The contribution of analytical electron microscopy applied in the lung biopsy was imperative to confirm the diagnosis of pneumoconiosis associated with a complex occupational exposure that included both MMVFs and coating materials.
Briefly, aerosols were generated by jet nebulization of droplets of suspensions of MMVF 10a fibers (2 mg/mL in 100% ethanol) into a particle-free air stream.
Twenty fibers had a length-to-diameter ratio of < 3; hence, the particulate fraction of MMVF 10a in the aerosol was 10%.
Displacement of MMVF 10a in the Langmuir-Wilhelmy balance.
NAIMA-supported research has been designed to investigate the possible human health effects of fiber glass and other MMVFs.