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The Jupiter MMXI Weekly Flash for Europe is a timely, insightful complement to our company's flagship monthly audience ratings products in Europe," said Mary Ann Packo, group president, global strategy and marketing, Jupiter Media Metrix.
Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands will have estimated adoption rates of five to nine per cent of households at the end of his year, Jupiter MMXI said.
For more details on MMXI Europe, the leading provider of Internet audience measurement, please see www.
Internet ratings group MMXI expect figures to be 1.
Jupiter MMXI estimates the European online travel market will be worth more than 20 billion EURO by 2006.
UK Internet users log on for an average seven hours and 26 minutes per month and look at 282 pages during that time, according to a survey from Jupiter MMXI.
3m unique visitors, and Jupiter MMXI predicts that more than 4.
According to a recent report from MMXI Europe(2), 40% of Internet users in the UK visit entertainment sites, including on-line gaming sites.
com from home last month, according to analysts MMXI Europe.
According to Internet research firm Jupiter MMXI, they are now having to reconsider the way such services are offered.
Online advertising prices have fallen by 30% over the past year and are expected to continue to drop over the next six months, according to a new study by the Internet research company Jupiter MMXI.