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MNBMagyar Nemzeti Bank (National Bank of Hungary)
MNBMulti-National Brigade (NATO)
MNBMetropolitan National Bank
MNBMichigan National Bank
MNBMint Condition, No Box
MNBMultinational Bank (IMF Loans)
MNBMerchants' National Bank
MNBMonday Night Brewery (Atlanta, GA)
MNBMorning News Beat (retail news; Darien, CT)
MNBMy Newsletter Builder (email marketing website)
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The Recommendation prior to the issue of which the MNB carried out a collateral valuation survey involving 13 financial institutions details the basic requirements for valuation methods and methodologies.
Last year, Naylors also sold a retail property at Newgate Street in Bishop Auckland to MNB.
However, the MNB method is an invasive procedure that requires the animal to be fitted with ruminal, duodenal and sometimes ileal fistula.
MNB "owed [the Harveys] a duty of reasonable care," according to the counterclaim filed by the Harveys' attorney, David Donovan of Little Rock.
Granted, I would have preferred it if MNB had grown in all one colour.
MNB has created a family of products based around reconfigurable computing, but the one getting the most buzz will allow military and commercial users to move out into the field with smaller supercomputers--and now wearable ones.
Titov said the MNB offices in the City will become Vneshtorgbank's investment banking division in Western Europe.
Regardless of the nation, the G2 operations sections from each MNB needed to feel free to talk directly to each other without the need to go through KFOR headquarters.
type([dagger]) height (50%) cm d GIG-1616-1 GP-237 MB 151 75 GIG-1616-2 GP-238 NB 114 68 HIR-828-1 GP-239 MB 113 71 HIR-828-2 GP-240 MNB 130 74 HIR-828-3 GP-241 MB 127 71 HIR-828-4 GP-242 MNB 125 68 STR-1622-1 GP-243 MNB 118 68 STR-1622-2 GP-244 MNB 127 67 TUB-825-1 GP-245 MB 113 71 TUB-825-2 GP-246 MNB 126 74 Hybrid NB 143 67 8941(paragraph]) Self- Pollen Germplasm compatibility([double dagger]) staining % GIG-1616-1 80 (1-100)([sections]) 90 GIG-1616-2 78 (38-100) 97 HIR-828-1 82 (62-100) 97 HIR-828-2 55 (2-100) 98 HIR-828-3 51 (6-78) 95 HIR-828-4 82 (8-100) 99 STR-1622-1 6 (2-15) 86 STR-1622-2 4 (1-8) 98 TUB-825-1 88 (74-100) 93 TUB-825-2 93 (92-100) 99 Hybrid 99 (98-100) 98 8941(paragraph]) Oil Seed Germplasm concentration weight g [kg.
MNB and the client entered into a payroll data processing contract in which MNB agreed to provide an automated payroll service.
According to bank officials, MNB switched to iCore in February 2006, in response to increasingly rapid changes in banking technology and regulatory requirements as well as the need to be competitive with larger financial institutions.
The anticipated changes at the MNB are not good for the forint," said a report by CIB Bank.