MNCSMinnesota New Country School (Henderson, MN)
MNCSMobile Network Combining System (Spinner GmbH)
MNCSSenior Chief Mineman (Naval Rating)
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The large, mostly open-space building provides MNCS students with their own work area.
While almost half of MNCS students are low income, and more than 30 percent have some form of disability, studies by Scott Wurdinger and Jennifer Rudolph of Minnesota State University, Mankato, and by EdVisions Cooperative cofounder and staffer Ron Newell found results worthy of note: the average ACT score of MNCS students (and EdVisions Cooperative members) is higher than the national average.
In the area of pharmaceuticals, there are mixed views as the MNCS are charging higher prices and rumors exist of the sale of medicines locally that have been banned in other parts of the world.
Several studies have investigated foreign R&D in Japanese MNCS as well (Belderbos 2001; Iwasa and Odagiri 2004, 1999; Kumar 2001) as in European MNCs (Cefis and Orsenigo 2001; Le Bas and Sierra 2002; Guellec and de la Potterie 2001).
Gaines and Hardy will join host Mike Willingham who recently completed the research report on MNCS.