MNCSMinnesota New Country School (Henderson, MN)
MNCSMobile Network Combining System (Spinner GmbH)
MNCSSenior Chief Mineman (Naval Rating)
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The large, mostly open-space building provides MNCS students with their own work area.
MNCS and a larger cooperative called EdVisions remain in Henderson, providing assistance and inspiration to educators and families throughout the United States (as well as visitors from a number of other countries.
While almost half of MNCS students are low income, and more than 30 percent have some form of disability, studies by Scott Wurdinger and Jennifer Rudolph of Minnesota State University, Mankato, and by EdVisions Cooperative cofounder and staffer Ron Newell found results worthy of note: the average ACT score of MNCS students (and EdVisions Cooperative members) is higher than the national average.
He presents 14 previously published essays that address the matter from a variety of angles, discussing such matters as MNC-host country relationships in Africa, the possibilities of MNCs putting aside exploitative practices in recognition that poor countries may otherwise unite against them, the attitudes of policymakers in poor countries and in MNCS, the lessons from conflict and conflict resolution models, expanding the corporate model of wealth maximization to include Third World stakeholders, and the issue of a new pedagogy in support of such a model.