MNEAMissouri National Education Association
MNEAMetropolitan Nashville Education Association (Tennessee)
MNEAMerchant Navy Establishment Administration (UK)
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Personal property certified by the MNEA as Alternative Energy Personal Property (AEPP) is exempt from personal property taxes.
An exemption, once certified, is effective through December 31, 2012, provided the taxpayer annually certifies to the MNEA that there has been no change in the user, location, or ownership of the exempted property.
To apply for a MNEA Personal Property Tax Abatement, contact Karen Ammarman to request a form at 517.
This year's program is comprised of ongoing efforts to extend the current MNEA program to include an expanded technology eligibility for the personal property tax abatements.
McDonnell Douglas and MNEA officials estimate the hotline will receive about 30,000 calls from students and their parents in the 53 Missouri and 44 Illinois school districts served by the hotline.
McDonnell Douglas and MNEA are committed to providing students with the best quality education available.
McDonnell Douglas and MNEA believe that focusing on children's early education will give them the skills and the aspiration to pursue various career interests," said Walter E.
Monsanto and KDNL FOX 30 have joined McDonnell Douglas and MNEA in sponsoring the hotline for the 1992/1993 school year.