MNEPRMultilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme in the Russian Federation
MNEPRMultilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme for Russia (EU)
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States rejected the MNEPR Liability Protocol, (219) its provisions may
ratified the MNEPR Liability Protocol and seems unlikely to do so in the
The provisions of the MNEPR Liability Protocol provide a good
demonstrated by Russia's acceptance of the MNEPR Liability Protocol
Commission officials say that the MNEPR agreement will also help breathe fresh life into the Northern Dimension, in view of the upcoming Action Plan for 2004-2006.
Formally speaking, MNEPR is composed of an 18-article Framework Agreement and a 4-article Protocol on Claims, Legal Proceedings and Indemnification dealing with what proved the tricky issue of liability.
The Agreement also states that MNEPR may apply to "projects or any other form of co-operation in other areas of nuclear activities, including nuclear safety, if so agreed by the Parties concerned".
He also urged the Russian delegation to sign the MNEPR as soon as possible, without which "it will be extremely difficult for the nuclear part of the NDEP to enter into operation".
The EU is disappointed that there is still no progress on the outstanding issues holding up the MNEPR (Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme) environment and nuclear safety agreement, and will be hoping for a breakthrough.
European External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten said after the meeting that the EU was "profoundly disappointed" that talks in Berlin in early April on MNEPR "actually went backwards".
The MNEPR was launched because the existing Co-operation Agreements in the same field - such as the UK/Russia agreement of 1996 - were found unsatisfactory.
This acknowledged EU and US initiatives on non-proliferation in Russia, and recorded some of the continuing impediments, such as in the efforts at nuclear waste clean-up in North-West Russia: "We have urged Russia to provide us with legal protections included in the draft Multilateral Nuclear Environment Programme for the Russian Federation agreement before any further assistance can be provided, and to honour its commitment made at the 15 March Barents-Euro Arctic Council meeting on the MNEPR agreement".