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MOBIMobile (Internet Top Level Domain)
MOBIModel Based Interface
MOBIMessage Oriented Broker Interface
MOBIObject Intelligent Model
MOBIMan Overboard Indicator
MOBIMothers Overcoming Breastfeeding Issues
MOBIMolecular Orbital Bond Index
MOBIMuseum of Black Inventors (St. Louis, MO)
MOBIMicrogravity Observations of Bubble Interaction
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For more information about Mobi Wireless Management visit www.
Cedarcom said that MOBI offers connectivity to a high-speed data communication network within a wireless broadband Internet environment, in partnership with major ISPs in Lebanon.
We're excited to be a part of a unique line-up of growing Indiana IT companies," said Scott Kraege, Mobi Wireless Management director.
Our new logo better communicates what Falcon Mobi Cleaner stands for today," said Quality Analyst Manager, Mr.
Our members enjoy riding Mobi by Shaw Go because it is an easy and eco-friendly way to get around.
The bread and butter for a company like ours is the ability to take calls reliably," says MOBI systems engineer Jerome Liwanag.
said it has made next-generation improvements to its best-in-class mobile print utility, MOBI PRINT.
6 December 2013 - US mobility management services provider Mobi Wireless Management said it had agreed to merge with local peer Bluefish Wireless Inc.
HERE's an early Christmas gift - Cash Queens Mobi is now completely FREE.
The securities started trading on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol MOBI on Friday.