MOBILABMobile Rapid Photo Processing Laboratory
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The MOBILAB unit is scheduled to appear at nine orthopaedic meetings over the next year, and plans to make stops in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Chicago, New York, Albany, Indianapolis, Connecticut, Atlanta and Orlando by the end of 2005.
MOBILAB contains a conference room and an outdoor seating area for surgeon meetings and product demonstrations.
In addition to expanding the capability to meet surgeon training needs, the MOBILAB Mobile Training Center will be used to launch future Smith & Nephew products such as the LEGION(TM) Revision Knee System and JOURNEY(TM) Knee System and educate medical personnel on Smith & Nephew's existing product portfolio, including the PERI-LOC(TM) Plating System, minimally invasive surgery techniques and the GENESIS(TM) II Total Knee System.