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Mobius is a radiation oncology quality assurance (QA) software company and currently licenses its software to over 1,000 radiation treatment centres, including some of the most well-known and respected facilities worldwide.
We have strived to make Mobius Payments the merchant's choice when it comes to facilitating the acceptance of electronic payments for their products and services; receiving this nomination from my peers shows me that my hard work is paying off.
Clearly, the Philippine population would like to have a strong and clean anticorruption and anticriminal government that will come out hard against criminals, and Duterte has the background to deliver that, Mobius said.
Mobius Imaging hoped to find a system that could support its planned growth year over year, as well as help maintain the strict regulations of the medical device industry.
Mobius syndrome is diagnosed based on left side LMN facial nerve palsy with bilateral abducence nerve palsy and associated chest wall and teeth deformity.
Mobius founder, Joel Jackson, a British computer engineer, aims to produce around 50 units of the Two before the end of 2014.
06) per privileged share, Mobius said it was too low and requested a meeting with Sechin to try reach a compromise.
Mobius is the head of the Templeton Emerging Markets group that manages 18.
Mobius solutions are understood to manage the entire lifecycle of information and guarantee its long-term integrity and availability, both to meet the operational needs of the business and to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.
The ViewDirect TCI from Mobius is a web services-based facility for cross-repository, cross-platform access to content from any source in any format.
Spencer, whose business card does not say he is president of Beverage Mobius Ltd.