MOCADMuseum of Contemporary Art Detroit (Detroit, MI)
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Goin' Home," a small exhibition at MOCAD installed for the grand opening of the project this spring, presented the three Mobile Homestead films as well as documentation and e-mails from Kelley.
Commissioned by MOCAD, the third work, Miracles and Jokes, 2011, was set in a well-lit room and comprised sixteen sprayed acrylic drawings bearing multistable optical illusions (think Wittgenstein's "duck-rabbit") that framed the ways in which absurdity and the unknown are fundamental to both religion and humor.
While the surrounding environment, MOCAD included, is defined by the relentless progress of history, Kelley's project remains untouched by the combined violence of time and context, radiating a pristine imperviousness that is at once visually arresting and politically ambiguous.