MODCMonmouth Ocean Development Council (Wall, NJ)
MODCMonocyte-Derived Dendritic Cell
MODCMarch of Dimes Canada (est. 1951; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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MODC and LARS receive many inquiries regarding potential livestock sales.
Both MODC and LARS run successful agrotourism enterprises as a substantial source of revenue.
John Blake and Emma Boone at LARS, and Mark Austin and Janelle Curtis at MODC for providing the data and a wealth of information that made this research possible.
Monocytes or moDCs were plated in round bottom 96-well plates (Costar, Cambridge, MA) at a concentration of 3 x 105 cells/well.
To investigate and identify potential endocytic receptors on monocytes and moDCs an analysis of cell surface molecules was performed (Figure 1).
Targeting of antigens via CD206 towards moDCs has been successful in other studies [14, 34, 35].
The reactivity of the T-cell clone with indirect specificity showed a potent IFN-[gamma] response exclusively when moDCs were pulsed (Figure 5(a)).
Targeting of HLA-A2 to CD89 on monocytes and CD206 on moDCs led to efficient antigen delivery into the cell and presentation of the relevant allopeptide to a CD4 T-cell clone.
However, antigen presentation of CD89-targeted cargo on moDCs did not lead to efficient antigen presentation [37], possibly due to the low expression of CD89 on moDC, as we previously demonstrated [18].
As an alternative strategy of an APC, we opted for the use of the professional APC moDCs and identified MR expression as a receptor for targeting.
In conclusion our data demonstrate that targeting of antigens to CD206 on moDCs and CD89 on monocytes can lead to antigen processing and presentation via HLADR to T-cells, in a specific and dose-dependent fashion.
Caption: Figure 4: CD206-HLA-A2 complexes are efficiently bound and taken up by moDCs through CD206 receptor mediated endocytosis.