MODMMinistry of Displacement and Migration (Iraq)
MODMMultiple Objective Decision Making
MODMMaturity Onset Diabetes Mellitus
MODMMenace of Darth Maul
MODMMuseum of Dead Media (technology preservation; South Africa)
MODMMiddle Office Data Model
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MODM methods are associated with problems where alternatives are non-predetermined and the aim of the problem under consideration is to design the best/optimal alternative by considering a set of well-defined design constraints, a set of quantifiable objectives.
In this subsection, we will propose a birandom MODM model to solve NCS in the ship transportation as follows:
Nors MODM metodu grupei priskiriami portfelio optimizavimo metodai dazniausiai apsiriboja trimis tikslais, bet kai kurie mokslininkai siulo didesni tikslu skaiciu.
For the MODM, including programming, heuristic and genetic algorithms, in this literature review five articles were found that integrated such algorithms in a GIS environment.
47) MODM, 28 Mar 1904, PSCC Records 4, 44; and minutes for 1911-1913 for details of other ongoing disputes, PSCC Records 5.
LGP is one of the most widely used tools for solving MODM problems (Romero, 1986) developed to handle multi-criteria situations within the general framework of linear programming (LP).
One unique application of MODM technology, the DRx platform, resolves these issues and provides quantitative results at the point of care.
Abo-Sinna, TOPSIS for bi-level MODM problems, Applied Mathematical Modelling 37(3) (2013) 1004-1015.
An extended approach of multicriteria optimization for MODM problems, in Tanino, T.
Chakraborty (2011) in his article explores the application of an almost new MODM method, i.
MODM methods are used for project design and MADM methods can be applied in the selection of the best option from among different administrative and management options.