MODOTMissouri Department of Transportation
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The Missouri league was hoping a unanimous vote by the Missouri House on April 26, adopting a resolution insisting the credit unions "should remain in MODOT facilities despite MODOT's intent to sever their ties," would sway the department heads in reversing their directive.
For each node in the MODOT data we found all nodes in TIGER roads within a specified search radius and computed their distances.
More importantly, the matched nodes in TIGER roads were moved to the exact positions of their corresponding nodes in MODOT roads.
We have two vector road datasets: one is the TIGER road centerline, the other is the high positional accuracy MODOT road centerline data, which are derived from GPS surveys by Missouri Department of Transportation.
If a vertex fell within the MODOT road buffer image, it was not moved.
Figure 4(a) shows one section of the test area in which the TIGER roads and the MODOT roads are displayed together.
Using the matched nodes as control points, a piecewise rubber-sheeting transformation was performed to bring the TIGER roads closer to the MODOT roads by forcing the matched TIGER nodes to the exact position of their corresponding nodes in the MODOT layer.
The vector MODOT road buffers were converted into raster format and used as an image with a pixel size of 1 meter.
Our snake algorithm corrected the position of TIGER roads and produced a product with high positional accuracy, an accuracy approaching that for MODOT roads.
Pension contributions have risen rapidly given the MODOT system's low funded ratio and the recognition of investment losses from 2008 - 2009, although the state has initiated various reforms to benefit provisions and contributions to slow the growth of contributions over time.