MOGAHAMinistry of Government Administration and Home Affairs (Korea)
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For the Lee administration, in fact, the general direction of the reform was left in the hands of the MOGAHA, MOSF, and PMO, which had played a key role in carrying out reform plans since the 1990s, in a traditional bureaucratic manner.
Seemingly, the Lee government followed in the footsteps of the past two governments: the PMO and supervising organizations, including the MOGAHA and the MOSF, oversaw, monitored, and, if necessary, re-evaluated the results of self-evaluation for all departments of the government.
The Lee government decided to repeal the personnel agency and transferred its functions to the MOGAHA.
The organizational revamp of the MOGAHA and CSC in South Korea thus points to the reemergence of a traditional or Weberian administrative process, which is associated with post-NPM (Goldfinch and Walls, 2010, pp.
The traditional personnel central ministry such as the MOGAHA, in cooperation with the MOSF, was empowered to enforce hierarchical control and top-down 'coordination,' thus confirming the resurrection of classical PA.