MOHSWMinistry of Health and Social Welfare
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On October 30, MOHSW, Gbarpolu County, and Bong County, CDC, and other international partners conducted a brief overnight assessment visit to Geleyansiesu.
Preparations were immediately begun by MOHSW and partners for a full investigation and public health response.
In mid-December 2014, MOHSW changed to District Health Information Software 2 (https://www.
Working in collaboration with the MOHSW and with funding from USAID and the Paul G.
Subsequently, the policy assumptions were jointly developed with and agreed upon by a MOHSW team.
The RITE strategy provided a framework to coordinate assistance from the central MOHSW and other agencies under the leadership of the CHT and developed several tools to help plan, manage, and track a response effort.
The first comprised data collected by MOHSW case investigation teams.
The time when MOHSW was notified of an outbreak to the first day of public health intervention in the community was a median of 32 days (range 9-58 days) (online Technical Appendix Figures 1, 2, http://wwwnc.
During March-October, 2014, Liberia counties reported 2,445 suspected, 1,623 probable, and 2,456 confirmed Ebola patients to MOHSW In the months following detection in Lofa, the county experienced multiple waves of outbreaks, with a peak in case counts between late July and late September (Figure 1).
Cases and contacts were reported to MOHSW through the Firestone District and Margibi County health officers using the national Ebola case and contact reporting forms.
The national response system that was initially established by MOHSW employed several IMS elements.