MOLISMinority On-Line Information Service
MOLISModular Open Laboratory Information System (Sysmex Corp.)
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The care4IT product suite developed according to this principle and the MOLIS laboratory information system added in 2008, are therefore "Software by Experts for Experts" in the most literal sense.
Jean Manning, vice president of academic affairs at Langston University, welcomed FEDIX and MOLIS because her 3,400-student black college in Langston, Okla.
MOLIS and FEDIX have generally been received favorably.
With our latest enhancements to MOLIS WAM, Sysmex continues to drive its commitment to merge the best information systems and laboratory instrumentation available on the market today," says John Kershaw, President of Sysmex America, Inc.
Sysmex launches the MOLIS WAM QC Module, which consolidates the review of quality control (QC) from the instruments into a single view for validation in real time.
DeStefano: The concept that more needs to be done with less is part of the MOLIS design.
Implemented in a two-month timeframe, The Cleveland Clinic is using Sysmex's HST Hematology Automation system Expert Line which includes four XE- 2100 analyzers, two SP-1000i slidemaker/stainers and the MOLIS WAM rules engine middleware system.
With MOLIS, the special needs and unique requirements of each of these laboratories could be preserved while still maintaining one overall application and database.
James McClintic, Esoterix CEO, explains further, "We are very excited about licensing the MOLIS system from SIA.
With MOLIS WAM in place," Vergara explains, "specimens are automatically tracked throughout the hematology workflow.
Lighting often is a signature vehicle-design feature and MOLIS provides engineers with additional flexibility in designing both exterior and interior lighting systems.
James McClintic, Esoterix CEO, explains, "We are very excited about licensing the MOLIS system from SIA.