MOLISAMinistry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (Vietnam)
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Agencies such as the National Agriculture and Forestry Extension Centre, in coordination with MARD and MOLISA, have already started to identify and promote female candidates in the forestry sector, guided by the government's female leadership quota policy.
MOLISA reported that in 2011, the government investigated 38 labor recruiting companies and issued minimal fines ranging from the equivalent of $750 to $2,000 to 15 companies for a number of administrative violations; some violations, such as charging excessive recruitment fees, were indicative of human trafficking, but no trafficking cases were identified from these efforts and no criminal prosecutions were initiated against labor recruitment companies.
MOLISA reports that approximately 54,000 drug users received treatment, more than 10,000 received vocational training, and approximately 6,000 received basic education.
MOLISA reported that in 2010, the government investigated 34 labor recruitment companies, issued fines to nine companies for insufficient pre-departure trainings, charging excessive recruiting fees, failing to properly register work contracts, and sending abroad more workers than were officially reported to MOLISA, and suspended two companies' operations for six months for underreporting the number of workers sent abroad and failing to follow regulations governing employee contracts.
In July 2010, MOLISA promulgated an optional code of conduct for labor export companies, developed with the assistance of an international organization, and reported that 96 of 171 licensed labor recruiting companies have signed the agreement.
58) The ILO and MOLISA are also working with Spain's Agency for International Development Cooperation on a program to eliminate child labor in Vietnam.
Although the government says the practice of passport confiscation is unacceptable, MOLISA authorized recruitment companies to illegally withhold workers' travel documents during the reporting period; Vietnamese embassies abroad reportedly do issue travel documents when employers refuse to return them.
According to MOLISA (Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs), the drug addiction recidivism rate after treatment is still high, between 70 and 80 percent.
Description : The SAP project supports MOLISA to build a vision and roadmap for reforming social assistance policies toward a more inclusive, progressive and sustainable system.
This Project aims to strengthen the functions of the current Child Help Hotline operated by MOLISA and expand its functions as a hotline for the prevention for anti-trafficking in persons as well as support for the social reintegration of trafficked persons.