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MOLMMan of Leisure Music (Pink Floyd bootlegs)
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0 mm sieve) to make the LLM or MOLM, which were incorporated to the experimental diets.
05); there was lower intake of feed, DM, OM, digestible energy (DE), and CF by increasing LLM in the diet but higher intake of those parameters by increasing MOLM inclusion level.
The results of apparent nutrients digestibility for growing rabbits fed diets containing different levels of LLM and MOLM using Ti[O.
Meanwhile, the high nutrients intake and digestibility values of MOLM treatments may be due to the low anti-nutritional compounds of M.
The estimated DE from the analyzed GE values using the digestibility coefficient of GE were 3,103, 2,581, 2,553, 2,634, and 2,652 kcal DE/kg DM for the control, 30% LLM, 40% LLM, 30% MOLM, and 40% MOLM diets, respectively.