MOMIMuseum Of the Moving Image
MOMIMuseum of Musical Instruments
MOMIManual of Operation and Maintenance Instructions
MOMIMethod of Ordered Multiple Interactions algorithm
MOMIMonocyclic Markovian Identifier
MOMIMulti-System Online Measure Interface (performance monitor product for the HP NonStop System)
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The proof at the exhibit at MOMI is that I think there, finally, the form supersedes or at least is married to the content.
One is the data set of Doppler simulations based on rigorous MOMI model by Toporkov and Brown [15], and the other is based on the TSM combined with the modulation transfer function (MTF) technique by Romeiser and Thompson [33], which has been demonstrated to be qualitatively consistent with the experimental results and other numerical approaches.
Each of these five assessments (VAS, NRS, CSS, MOMI, and side effects) was conducted for each patient at four different time points: (i) at enrollment, i.
MOMI is packed with exhibits that will keep movie fans enthralled.
MOMI, the Museum of The Moving Image, celebrates 100 years of cinema with an exhibition called Image-ine, which looks at how images will be presented to us in the future.
Rochelle Slovin, founder of Gotham's MOMI, spent three days with Cinemedia staffers workshopping ideas last August, which helped as the concept was fleshed out.