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MONEMinistry of National Education (Turkey)
MONEMassachusetts Organization of Nurse Executives
MONEMinistry of National Economy (Oman)
MONEMichigan Organization of Nurse Executives
MONEMastiffs of New England (dogs)
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Lady Mone insisted: "The guy was fine with it and the whole room was screaming with laughter.
Warne had flown to UK to spend time with Hurley and was pictured at The Dorchester where Mone was staying the next day.
Mone, who was watching alongside Peter Phillips, the Queen's grandson, could only respond: "OMG
Ex-Gordon Highlander Mone has recently been trying to shake his evil reputation by translating educational books into braille.
AML are part of the Knox Group, owned by Barrowman, who was spotted sipping cocktails with Government business tsar Mone, 45, as they docked in Sardinia.
Ultimo boss Mone said married dad-of-two Savage didn't stay long, adding: "Laughable.
Multi-millionaire Mone hit the headlines at the end of last year when she announced that she was separating from her husband Michael after almost 20 years.
But Sheriff James Tierney said the evidence showed that Mone - once known as Scotland's most dangerous man - had generally been well-behaved during his 17 years in Perth Prison.
Born in Glasgow in 1929, Bishop Mone studied in Paris and was ordained a priest in 1952.