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MOOBMinding Our Own Business (local business sustainability conference; Massachusetts)
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The focus on male celebrities and their physical flaws, particularly moob sufferers, has seemingly put the same pressure on the average man to look good as has been attributed to women for decades.
Reasons to get fit: better body shape - no moobs, love handles and the like; avoidance of high blood pressure, problems with cholesterol, diabetes and even some forms of cancer; you'll be more attractive to the opposite sex with more energy and a happier disposition (probably because you're more attractive to the opposite sex) with greater drive and clarity of thinking.
It's hard to see how else he could have meant it, but Monty ignored the moobs slight and said he'd never heard of Vettriano.
9 - Male Breast Reduction - More and more males are seeking this procedure to reduce gynecomastia sometimes referred to as moobs or man boobs, a condition in which the male breast tissue becomes enlarged.
Moobs can be caused by certain prescribed medicines, such as those to treat stomach ulcers or diabetes.
COMEDIAN Sanjeev said: "I tried to get rid of the moobs last year but now I want to make moobs sexy and bigger.
And in just 30 days, the 50-year-old was transformed from boasting a healthy and muscular physique to sporting a pot belly, love handles and moobs.
His physique is more that of a van driver - yet he's a decent ball-playing centre-half, a Baresi with moobs.
We were on a beach in Norway (yes they do exist) and having sunnned my moobs to the max, I decided it was time to cover up.
King Simon looked a bit like an old, inflated Robin Thicke, puffed up and shirtless with moobs to rival Dolly Parton's.
I just can't wait for the heat wave; melting roads, hosepipe bans, neighbours in Speedos, bad barbecues, sunburn, heatstroke, Geordie tans and moobs, gasping "It's the wrong sort of heat.
I mention moobs because the Himelfield physique hit a flabby low a few months ago.