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MOOSEManagement Of Organizational Skills Everyday
MOOSEMaintain and Operate the Organization, Systems, and Equipment (Forrester Research)
MOOSEMultiscale Object-Oriented Simulation Environment (open-source software)
MOOSEMove Out of Saigon Expeditiously
MOOSEMeta-Object Operating System Environment
MOOSEMobile On Orbit Support Equipment (MILSTAR)
MOOSEMildert's Only Organised Society for Engineers (Van Mildert College, Durham)
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Heat stress is a major obstacle for moose during the summer," Mr.
Fink will serve as Chief Moose and support the ongoing Company transformation and critical strategic initiatives.
It was a difficult job as we wanted to retain a Moose feel but at the same time add a more sophisticated look and ambience," says Moose's Harry van Breemen.
The 18 calves were divided into 3 treatment groups: moose with no winter ticks (n = 5; 2F:3M), moose infested with 21,000 larval winter ticks (n = 7; 3F:4M), and moose infested with 42,000 larval winter ticks (n = 6; 3F:3M).
Demonic Toxin @DevilishToxin I heard the moose today, oh boy.
The moose was near the Charlton-Brookfield town line, and while it made its way out of the area before police arrived, had it been struck by a car, someone could have been killed.
I'm not an expert on moose sex or moose anything, but I think the understanding is that if they can preserve the corridor with things like this .
On a business trip to San Francisco, Moose discovered advantages--good weather and better saloons--so he relocated.
John Nardini, vice president of marketing for Denali Flavors explained, "We've come up with some pretty memorable names for our ice cream flavors over the years but, perfection has been elusive in this case, so we decided to do something we've never done and solicit some help from Moose Tracks fans nationwide.
One day while hunting, Williams spotted a cow moose and decided to stalk the cow for practice.
chemical repellents, visual and acoustic devices, and tree sheltering methods and devices) intended for use in the prevention of moose damage (e.
WHEN I FIRST SAW the flash of a giant moose antler in Alaska a number of years ago, I knew from experience that the stalk would not be easy.