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MOOTSMoving Out of the Shadows (UK)
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Rob stressed that heterosexuals were also welcome at Rainbow Moot meetings.
LAST RESORT: Rainbow Moot Gay Pagan Group leader Rob Stacey
Phillips points out another advantage of the Institute's moots, noting that "[i]f you are in a serious moot with serious participants who have done their homework and know the Court reasonably well, you can pretty closely replicate the kinds of questions you can expect to get from the Court.
41) </pre> <p>Some advocates even find that the panelists at their Program moots ask them questions that they "hadn't thought about at all.
43) </pre> <p>Because having the answers to the hard questions is so important, and because the Justices typically begin asking questions immediately, panelists at Program moots tend to fire away right from the start.
Cole, and others organized Georgetown Law-sponsored moots on a more informal basis.
In a brief meeting with the boy's teacher outside her classroom, Moots learns his strange behavior stopped recently, since he started taking Ritalin.
As Moots sits on a bench and gently asks the boy questions, he paces under the tree with his hands in the pockets of his knee-length shorts.
With her blue jeans and tennis shoes and braces on her teeth, Moots looks young enough to be his older sister.
Prof Moots, who is also consultant rheumatologist at Fazakerley hospital, said: ``Now Merseyside patients can be the first in the world to receive the best and newest treatment for arthritis.