MOPHPMinister of Public Health and Population (Yemen)
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The MOPHP has established special vaccination centers for the African refugee camps in Kharaz in the city of Lahj, and other places like Haradh, so that all their residents can get the vaccine to eradicate the lethal diseases," said Al-Joneed.
It aimed to train the health providers in WHO modules in treating the obstetrical medical cases and how to avoid the complication during pregnancy so as to decrease the maternal mortality in Save the children operational areas and to build the capacity of MOPHP staff.
In CAR, resistance rates were generally low and similar for cotrimoxazole and penicillin/ arnoxicillin; consequently, MOPHP recommended the use of cotrimoxazole as the first-line treatment for children with pneumonia because of its lower cost, twice-daily dosage, and antimalarial effect.