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MOPIERMultiple Original Printer
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Manufactured by Hewlett-Packard, each Mopier 240 functions both as a digital printer and full-function copier.
First and foremost, adding the HP Mopier line to our product portfolio gives customers access to an even more comprehensive suite of award-winning document output solutions.
The HP Mopier 240 and HP Mopier 320 are multifunction peripherals for large workgroups.
The send-to-e-mail solution offers HP Mopier customers a simple and easy way to send paper-based documents as e-mail," said Keith Kmetz, industry analyst for International Data Corporation (IDC).
The HP Mopier line provides an integrated network solution for office customers who demand more reliable and productive ways to make copies from their desktops as well as walk-up copying convenience.
HP has made significant strides in the advancement and distribution of its entire HP Mopier line," said Tim Haney, general manager of HP's Mopy/Copy Solutions Division.
Our alliance with Lanier accelerates our strategy for the global distribution of our HP Mopier line," said Tim Haney, general manager of HP's Mopy/Copy Solutions Division.
Not all HP products are covered by this release -- only the 3,000 or so individual hardcopy products that are members of the HP LaserJet, Mopier, DeskJet, DesignJet, HP 2000C and 2500C Professional Series, PhotoSmart, OfficeJet, CopyJet, PaintJet, Color Copier 100 and 200 series, ScanJet, Digital Sender, CapShare, JetDirect, JetAdmin, and Web JetAdmin product families.
The Mopier 320 Network Copier is HP's first Mopier to offer integrated walk-up copying.
The Mopier 320 significantly increases user functionality by reducing the tasks associated with printing, copying, collating and stapling multiple sets of a document.
29, 1998-- Hewlett-Packard Company today capped its biggest printing and imaging product rollout -- in all, more than 20 bold customer alternatives in printing, copying, mopying, capturing and sending -- with three of the most advanced color printers for the office, the fastest monochrome LaserJet printer yet and the next-generation mopier.
29, 1998-- Hewlett-Packard Company today introduced the HP Mopier 320 network copier, equipped with convenient walk-up digital copying capability.