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MOPITTMeasurements of Pollution In The Troposphere
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2005) and the MOPITT V5 total column carbon monoxide (CO) retrievals.
The MOPITT sensor aboard NASA's Terra satellite tracked wildfire smoke plumes as they spread from Indonesian islands to the Indian Ocean from September to November 2006.
MOPITT observes the air pollutant carbon monoxide as Terra circles Earth from pole to pole 16 times a day, NASA said.
It's a global issue,'' said John Gille, MOPITT principal investigator.
MOPITT accomplishes its mission by using gas correlation spectroscopy to measure rising and reflected infrared radiance in three absorption bands of carbon monoxide and methane.
MOPITT operates continuously both day and night, and calibrates itself by means of on-board black bodies and a space look; that is, looking out at deep space, where it is a constant 4 kelvin.
The Canadian Space Agency funded, and the University of Toronto built, an airborne version of MOPITT for the ER--2.
During the 5-yr mission, MOPITT will continuously scan the atmosphere below it to provide the world with the first long-term, global measurements of carbon monoxide and methane gas levels in the lower atmosphere.
It will be used with MODIS, MOPITT, MISR, and CERES, which monitor the Earth at moderate to coarse spatial resolutions.
and Coauthors, 2010: The MOPITT version 4 CO product: Algorithm enhancements, validation, and long-term stability.