MOPMSModular Pack Mine System
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Resource blocking positions with MOPMS, conventional mines, and expedient barrier capability (such as abatis).
Long before the Pentagon awarded the contract to Accudyne, there was trouble with the MOPMS, which were produced for sixteen years before the Army noticed they were malfunctioning.
Eric Slater, a senior scientist from Hughes Aircraft, the original maker of the MOPMS, said in a deposition that the system had a lot of technical problems.
Mitigate future maneuverability concerns with lanes and closure with the MOPMS.
To fully support the engineer-specific reconnaissance requirements across this battlespace--and to take advantage of the capabilities of the Hornet, MOPMS, ADAM/RAAM, and air-delivered Volcano scatterable-mine systems--the 299th organized with dedicated engineer scouts.
We had now established that the op timal disrupt obstacle could be achieved by a dismounted team placing five Hornets or one MOPMS at a choke point tied in with indirect fires.
As the lead enemy vehicle was destroyed by the Hornet or MOPMS strike, the engineer scouts would fire antitank-4s/Vipers at the last vehicle in the column.