MOPOMotivational Poster
MOPOMinistry of Petty Offenses (peformance troupe)
MOPOMaster of the Painfully Obvious
MOPOMaintenance of Plant Operations
MOPOManual of Permitted Operations (oil & gas production facitlites)
MOPOMorses Pond (Wellesley, MA)
MOPOMatrix of Permitted Operations (safety and risk)
MoPoMost Podernism (art movement)
MOPOMotorcycle Police (civilian slang)
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This evaluation by Intertek was provided recently after it conducted a series of tests on MOPO canola oil based proprietary diesel fuel conditioner formulation in accordance with several established industry protocols including M-ROCLE and ASTM 6079.
MOPO's Diesel Fuel Conditioner is part of the MOPO suite of environmental lubricants, which includes, penetrating oil, chain lube, cutting oil, gun oil, and all purpose household lubricants.
along with the recent announcement of a joint venture with Algodyne to build and operate a fleet of retail bio-fuels stations in western Canada, has solidified its position in the emerging renewable fuel and energy sector in North America with the launch of their MOPO brand of fuels, fuel conditioners, and environmentally friendly canola based additives and lubricants such as chain lube, cutting oil, and penetrating fluids.