MOPTTMinistry of Post, Telephone and Telegraph (Saudi Arabia)
MOPTTMinistry of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunication
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Because of growing demand for additional telephony service, the MOPTT selected Scientific-Atlanta to convert the existing analog network to one with digital capabilities.
There, the carriers will identify capacity needs between their networks and those of the Saudi MOPTT.
The other 20 organizations currently participating in the planning of this project are BT of UK, France Telecom, MARCONI of Portugal, Telecom Italia, OTE of Greece, Turk Telekom of Turkey, ARENTO of Egypt, MOPTT of Saudi Arabia, OPT of Djibouti, ETISALAT of UAE, PTC of Pakistan, VSNL of India, SLT of Sri Lanka, CAT of Thailand, Telekom Malaysia, PT INDOSAT of Indonesia, Singapore Telecom, AT&T of the USA, KDD of Japan and DTAG of Germany.