MORANEMobile Radio for Railway Networks in Europe
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In all indoor areas, all radio transmission systems fulfilling the radio coverage requirement for voice and non-security sensitive communications in the version of the full network delivery dates set out in the technical specification, EIRENE SRS, EIRENE FRS, MORANE, ETSI and TSI, (hereinafter referred to as "BR").
Observa: "No hay un heroe aventurero como Espectro, que en resumen es una especie de Bob Morane enmascarado, con un toque de Tintin y una pizca de Spirou", el famoso personaje juvenil creado por el editor belga Jean Dupuis en 1938 y que fuera competencia de Tintin.
IT would be a nice gesture if the new road which links Great Western Road and Morane Avenue beside Blairdardie Primary School pitches should have Mr Dewar's name in its title.
Also in development is an animated series of Bob Morane.
In the late 1890s he had a series of successes and in 1898, associated with Georges Morane and Leon Desmarais, he moved the company into a new factory in Paris.
Ed Morane, who featured prominently in the Seconds last week, moved to the blindside berth, making a speedy and powerful back row.
I had seen aeroplanes signalling with coloured lights and lamps in the artillery and I had seen a Morane blown up on the ground by the bombs which it was going to drop on the lines.
Furthermore, it took six men and a boy to control a Morane aircraft once the rotary engine jumped to life.
Mike Lammas returns at prop and Ed Morane makes his first foray into the second row.
In terms of big-budget movies, Chioua points out that projects being developed right now include the $26 million English-language pic "Bob Morane," helmed by Christophe Gans.