MORBMid-Ocean Ridge Basalt
MORBMulticast Object Request Broker
MORBManual of Regulations for Banks (Philippines)
MORBMedical Officer Retention Bonus
MORBMale O-ring Boss (fitting)
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Pichay alleged that the MORB only covers banks and not the LWUA.
2]O, Sr, Nb y Zr de las diabasas (TABLA 4) con contenidos y valores en dorsales meso-oceanicas presentados por Wilson (1989), hay concordancia, en terminos generales, entre los valores obtenidos en la mayoria de muestras y los generados en un ambiente tipo MORB.
En el diagrama multielemental, las diabasas del Complejo Quebradagrande presentan mayor dispersion de los elementos mas moviles (LILE), con anomalias positivas en Cs, Ba, K y Sr y tendencia plana para los elementos mas inmoviles (HFSE) que en general tienen valores similares al N-MORB, con patrones planos entre La y Lu incluyendo el Nb, y un patron general de basaltos tipo MORB (FIGURA 5B)
Also note that in equations 27 and 28, La/Th ratio is absent because this parameter was not statistically significant for IAB, OIB, and MORB discrimination.
2008), the first diagram in this set discriminates the combined setting of CRB and OIB from IAB and MORB.
20 wt% for Jal amphibolites) exhibit MORB like composition where as average Y/Nb ratio (8.
This negative correlation is unusual for MORB in general (Lupton 1983), and indicates that the high-[sup.
9), and overlap with N-type MORB of the Juan de Fuca Ridge.
The component (type) sampled by MORB has low incompatible element concentrations, low [sup.
was also charged with three counts of graft, three counts of malversation, one count of violation of MORB and one count of violation of Republic Act No.
ures (right); Scoobits (below left); Moshling Blind Bag (below); Morbs (bottom)