MORPACMortgage Bankers Association Political Action Committee
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Still, CMB, president and chief executive officer of Englewood, Colorado-based Pulte Mortgage, says this about him: "I first met Bill when he was MORPAC chairman, where I had my first opportunity to witness his passion for our industry.
While serving on the MORPAC Steering Committee over the past few years, P.
MORPAC allows MBA to support candidates for Congress who support the industry.
A person who has seen this principle in action is Bill Cosgrove, CMB, chairman of MORPAC (the political action committee of the Mortgage Bankers Association) and a member of MBA's board of directors.
He has also served as chairman of RESBOG as well as MBA's Legislative Steering Committee, State and Local Liaison Committee, Mortgage Reform Task Force and MORPAC (MBA's political action committee).
Under the leadership of Chairman Joe Reppert, MORPAC has collected $1,085,000 in hard dollars from 2,287 individual contributors and conducted more than 79 company campaigns to date for the two-year election cycle that ends in December 2008.
He previously served as chairman of RESBOG, MBA's Legislative Steering Committee, MORPAC, MBA's State and Local Liaison Committee, and MBA's Mortgage Reform Task Force.
And our political action committee, MORPAC, continues to deliver tremendous results under the leadership of MORPAC Chairman David Kittle and Director Julie Eddy.