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MORPHMolecular and Organismic Research in Plant History
MORPHMethods of Research Practice in Horticulture (decision support software)
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To ensure equal representation of each morph, the color observed in each trial was alternated between trials.
Morph Cafe is being demonstrated live at the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara on June 1st and 2nd.
And his co-creator and the co-founder of Aardman, Peter Lord, will be at the Fringe on Saturday, August 29, for A Morning with Morph.
We counted the number of visitors as well as the number and durations of their behaviors on each filmed inflorescence and per morph.
1] generation with long wings (n > 150), indicating that the long-winged morph and pigmented body color are dominant traits.
Faceless crowd: Morphers go for the morph suit record - but were hit by morph-ul weather.
All morph suit wearers were allowed into the park at a reduced rate of just pounds 5.
Her Morph was a traditional interpretation, looking uncannily like the original character and holding a pink carnation in his outstretched hand.
PLASTICINE: Morphs made by fans of the late Tony Hart go on show
MORPH TRIBE: The Morphs outside the Tate Modern, and below, their creator the artist Tony Hart
THE 30th birthday of plasticine character Morph has been celebrated with a "high fashion" photo shoot in Esquire magazine.